The music business is an interesting one. It definitely has changed throughout the years, and it keeps evolving especially with the new waves of technology and social media being introduced @Kendra_Erika

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Episode #385 :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW KENDRA ERIKA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The music business is an interesting one.
It definitely has changed throughout the years, and it keeps evolving especially with the new waves of technology and social media being introduced. However, from an artist’s standpoint, I feel that social media and technology have made it easier for artists to have their own voice and to have more control over how they interact with their audience. I value individuality and integrity as an artist, so having the ability to be free with your outreach and creativity is important.

Well, in every industry, there are going to pros and cons.
Anything that I used to find a con, I would make a pro out of it. Sort of like making lemonade out of lemons. For
example, when the whole EDM/DJ scene started making a huge impact in the music industry, I felt like real lyrics and cherished melodies were fading away. However, being someone that is aware of the many paradigm shifts in society, I wanted to see how it would benefit the growth of the music industry. Therefore, I began seeing the craft
that deep house/lounge DJs were bringing to the table, and how they are also artists in their own right. Being able to captivate people with particular arrangements of sounds is a very well-practiced skill. From knowing this, I wanted to use my sensual/jazzy roots and fuse the two influences together to create something original and just as

I believe any artist who has had to go through “struggles” is already triumphant.
By having to go through something that makes you grow only adds more to your human factor. People like people. A lot of these artists today are losing that human quality due to getting a lucky start on a network such as Disney or Nickelodeon, and not truly knowing what a journey is because of literally overnight jumps to fame. I appreciate that I have had growth as an artist. Being able to organically let my experiences influence my music is incredible. When there’s growth in me as an artist, I believe that’s when I am triumphant.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with Lana Del Rey.
I mean 5 minutes is pretty short, but she has been such an inspiration for me as an artist. I feel both her and I have experienced similar moments of growth as humans and as artists. She helped set the path for artists like us, who enjoy the cinematic experience and iconic lyrics and melodies, to be brought back into music.

I first got my start in music by getting involved in musical theater
and classical training. I wanted to create more of an identity for myself as a performer, so I began writing and recording my own music with incredible people in Miami, which then transcended to me working with New York and LA based songwriters and producers such as Jimmy Greco and Damon Sharpe. What initially inspired me was growing up with artists such as Madonna, Britney, Christina, and Destiny’s Child, and their showmanship. I loved seeing how artists can turn their original material into a full-blown captivating spectacle on stage. I also grew up with nostalgic greats such as Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and even the modern nostalgia, Lana Del Rey. I believe those artists have truly inspired me to become a more visual writer and transport people into a more cinematic world.

The Truth Never Lies

It is all began by being out one night on Palm Beach island.
After driving up and down A1A late at night and experiencing that sense of escape and having someone you love being around by your side, I wanted to create that cinematic visual for the listeners. I always want to create a Bond and his girl experience. The lyrics and melody took form first. I then went into the studio in Miami with my producer Lazaro Rodriguez, and he played a very interesting deep house inspired track. Funny enough, the melody that I had come up with, fit this track very very well. When these things happen, it is meant to be creative.

I have two new singles, one just recently released called “After Hours”,
and the other is set to be released in November called “Oasis.” “After Hours” is also a deep house inspired track with a sensual message. It’s dark and mysterious, which is why we wanted to release it before Halloween, and going into fall. “Oasis” has a message of finding that utopia in your life and getting lost in it. Just like an oasis in the desert, everyone loves experiencing a very visually appealing world. I wrote it with Damon Sharpe and Jazelle Paris in LA, so that desert-like environment really influenced me to write this song. The track is also very colorful and original, which wanted me to write something fresh and vibrant.


I live north of Miami, so the music scene here is very DJ oriented.
There are a lot of cool lounges and clubs in Miami, so the scene in Miami lends itself well to the creative
vibes DJs bring. The places I enjoy going to are the lounge at the W Hotel in South Beach, the Blue Bar at the Fontainebleau, Mynt Lounge, and Hyde Beach at SLS.


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