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My music has always been something dear to me because of… I guess it’s my escape from the BS of the world. Music is the one place where I can find peace no matter what is going on.” -@pharoahyt

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW PHAROAH YT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

My music has always been something dear to me because of…
I guess it’s my escape from the BS of the world. Music is the one place where I can find peace no matter what is going on. YES, it’s in this world I can peek 🙂 I don’t have to LIE or anything like that, I can actually be me! Of course there is a little tapering of my character because you know you don’t want to get yourself into too much of the other… 🙂

I started marketing my project at a grassroots approach. ..
You know the person to person thing. You tell one person they tell another person and someone & so on :-). That’s initially how my project got heard. Call it what you want, I’m old-school like that.

Now the purpose behind the project…
was like I said to be me but I wanted to bring the real out. I need people to understand that being blind, cripple and somewhat crazy doesn’t mean that you cannot accomplish the goals that you set for yourself in life. The only thing that’s holding you back is you. Like I tell my Conrads “I have no time for games, I have a family to feed “.

I’m originally from Oakland California…
but I currently reside in Ventura California. You can say I’m a part of the both the Bay Area music scene and the Central California, Los Angeles music scene. Well wow in the bay area all I can say is everywhere that you hear music is a great place to go :-).

Since I’ve been in Ventura central California the festivals that they have out here especially when they do the fair the county fair in Ventura doing the summer that’s an awesome attraction. I really recommend that people come out for that. Now as far as for Los Angeles, you can never go wrong and you know it 🙂

Things I love to do when I’m not doing music. My favorite thing is cartoon watching. I love to look at adult swim. As a matter fact I love cartoons period. I don’t know they just keep me happy. I also love to spend time with my friends family you know just enjoy life.

Music business…
is an industry that changes at the flikee of an eye. I can remember when CDs were the biggest thing in the world but then all of a sudden it went to download then now we got streams etc. So the obstacles and hurdles have been constant.

In my opinion you must be self motivated to be a true success…
in this music business. Have a plan of execution. I see that as a major downfall for a lot of new artist coming into the game today because they say they want it but really they don’t. I call it a “fear to succeed complex “. We must remember I had to learn that it’s 90% business 10% talent & to want to be in this business you have to understand this business. These were the pros and cons I had experienced early on in my career.

Social media…
I find social media to be a great resource in expanding your music, brand etc. I enjoy spending time talking with family, friends, fans, other LOL each and every day about whatever :-). Communication is very important key to success in this music business

Singles vs an album…
So before I release an album a concept has to come in mind. For me it’s a process involved I usually don’t just drop an album like everyone else. I prefer the singles first because being able to get your fans reaction to your music is a great thing. Plus I’m into dropping hits not putting out garbage if you know what I mean.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Well, the one person that truly inspired me in the music was my aunt Enola Akpon. Unfortunately she just passed away so I’ll just have to wait until the Lord calls me home 🙂

I am most afraid of… God

I was inspired by my mom on stage…
doing doo-wop and from then on I took a class in percussion and it was all me from that point.

Pharoah YT recovery

My personal definition of success is..
I would say my success story is “Back from the Dead”. For you see it is a true story. It’s true I did die I came back to life. Sometimes in life we learn from death and that’s what happened when I awoke from my coma. Something changed in me when I got out of the hospital. I couldn’t walk anymore.

Pharoah YT hospital

I have had all of these life-threatening surgeries etc. Like I had 2 abdominal reconstructive surgeries done and survived that. I didn’t know though it would weaken my body so and would put me in this wheelchair. I would find out sometime later I had muscular dystrophy. Now you might ask yourself was I upset, yes I was upset but as much as I’ve been through in my life I’m used to it.

Then I thought to myself, I can’t live like this I have a family and I have goals. So the first opportunity I’ve got I got up strolled into my studio and freestyle out “Back from the Dead”.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
To be able to express my heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit freely without regret through my music and respect by my peers for my talents..

3 Ways that I challenge myself

  1. Forbes
  2. charities
  3. living the life

Bang – Back from the Dead [Explicit]
To be honest this was the first type of beat I’ve ever done like this. You could say it was a test of sorts for me. The test worked out well I guess 🙂 One love to Lonard Young ( for producing the track. Now as far as the story behind the song itself, if you listen to the lyrics it’s all me. Anyone who knows me will tell you “I say what I mean and I mean what I say “!

Now as to the song “back from the dead” quote I actually died and came back to life. So when I was able to, I just scrolled to the studio and free stlyed the song. (Buy the song:

Pharoah YT stage


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