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“If you have a direction, you can never be lost. Fear shouldn’t be an option. An artist has to be fearless. ” -@ChrissySongBird


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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW CHRISSY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I started in music…
as a small child, beginning as a professional musical theater child actor. Several of my family members were in the entertainment industry. My Nana was a dancer on the original “American Bandstand”, my Uncle Bobby was on the tv show, “Dancin’ On Air” (Kelly Ripa was also on this program) and he previously had a record deal, and my great grandfather was a master, classical musician, with a specialization in gothic and church organ. I was singing and performing before I could speak, it would seem. It was inherent. It wasn’t something that the adults forced upon me, it was simply our lifestyle. I grew up in recording studios and rehearsal halls with a strong emphasis on the classics.

What is success…
Look, if you can happily make your way through life doing what you are truly, intrinsically passionate about, that, undoubtedly, shall always define your personal interpretation of success. Spread your good feelings around, folks. If you have a direction, you can never be lost.

What to expect…
There will be a new single by early fall. I am working on several things, so my projects are constantly and moving and on going, there isn’t simply one, “set” thing, hope that makes sense. I’m always, always working and creating. The work is never dead.


Me Without You..
it is about a young lady going through a tough break up who realizes that in order to properly ‘heal’, she needs to begin taking care of herself, namely mentally and physically, to start mending her heart, mind, body, and soul.

Growing up in the north east…
I bloomed musically and was exposed to all of the best art and culture the east coast has to offer. Living in Philly, Jersey, New York, D.C., etc, you’re exposed to some of the greatest, and most historical musical movements of all time. I grew up around the best bands, best venues, seeing the most magical shows, and performing with the best players, I was blessed to have grown up in an incredible rock and underground music scene, in addition to a tremendously rich theater and art scene.

Chrissy-BombshellPinups-BombshellMandyOutside of music…
making arts and crafts and antiquing. I love vintage art in general and am a full time pin up model. I actually live in an entertainment compound in the tri state that’s an arts center housing different performers and artists as a collective. I am blessed to be in that type of uplifting environment. Kind of a communal, grounding place for starving artists helping each other out. I also am deeply involved with the Girl Scouts, the YWCA, United Way, Children’s Miracle Network, Active Older Adults, etc. I post all of my charity events on my FB, etc.

The music business…
can be a rough and tumble business, we know this, but, so much time is spent complaining as opposed to coming up with solutions to make real change, it seems. The best thing to do is look at yourself honestly and decide what your definition of success is. If you want so called “fame”, there’s a lot you must do for that, and you better be prepared to give up everything and work your butt off in the realest sense. If you simply want to make music for fun or pure love, and aren’t looking for monetary or social rewards, then do it, go, settle into it, just enjoy. The best thing to do is remain level headed, and don’t take anything personally.


chrissy_bombshellpinups_bombshellmandy10My material…
has always been a hodge podge of my music I write and record myself, and then, at times, I work with bigger producers who will collaborate with me on my instrumentals, we may write the music together, and I’ll do the lyrics, etc. I typically prefer to use and play real, live instruments, for my rock compositions, then, if it’s more of a pop type of song, sometimes I will utilize programming and employ drum machines.

Challenging herself…
I continue to work hard, and truthfully do what I’ve always done in that regard. As noted, I’m constantly working on various projects and always have several things in the hopper. It never stops. You just press forward and persevere. Keep on with the life source. That’s all that you can do.

Biggest fear…
Fear shouldn’t be an option. An artist has to be fearless. You know that. If you’ve chosen fear, you’ve already lost the game and can’t see the bigger picture, ultimately.

What’s happening now…
I have a new single, which I composed and performed called “ABOUT YOU.” “About You” is available for sale at the iTunes link here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/about-you-single-feat.-off/id858611364 I also have another new single on iTunes that I recently released, “Me Without You,” the link is here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/me-without-you-single/id870538111 Last month, I launched a new edm/dance video game entitled “Music Monsters” in conjunction with Music Powered Games Corp, which features my songs, and other music by artists such as Fallout Boy, Lady GaGa, Cher Lloyd, Hunter Hayes, and FLOrida. I am currently producing an English crossover EDM album and single for Spanish channel’s Telemundo and Televisa reality star, Tamara Rodriguez. I also co wrote and produced her single, “Rain on My Parade”, available on iTunes and assisted the short film for it in Los Angeles, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G_hCwXYhBs I am working on new songs for both myself and other artists with a hot, new production team out of Dusseldorf, Germany who recently received placements with Jason Derulo and Akon, and I am currently producing “South African Idol” (same franchise as Canadian and American Idol shows) tv show finalist, Madelyn Liebenburg, a teen edm/rock pop artist.

In addition…
 to being featured on the cover of several magazines, I am currently on the spring cover of “Sweet Tart Pinup Magazine” as the 2015 cover girl: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/894556 I am “Miss Pennsylvania” for Hometown Pinup company, a charity organization and pin up beauty pageant, serving the PA, NJ, NY, OH, and DMV coverage areas. “Hometown Pinup: dedicated to the preservation of CLASSIC PINUP and our Hometowns since 2001.” I am the co-proprietor and lead burlesque choreographer at the aerial art/cirque, burlesque and pin up studio, “STUDIO SPIN” outside of Philadelphia, PA. We have raised over $10,000 in charity money for BreastCancer.Org through our burlesque shows and pin up events for at the famous “Zoetropolis Art Haus”. The studio is a collective of best friends running an ALL FEMALE “safe space” for girls to explore, learn, and perform burlesque, cirque arts, and pin up in a “judgement free” area! Run by females for females!

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