Crossroad 6 on Making Music and Keeping It Real

Crossroad 6 on Making Music and Keeping It Real

crossroad 6

It is important to stay real and have your own sound and style. Don’t follow trends. I would never let someone else say what I should wear.. I wear and make music like I want to! ” – Tyler Wolf

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
The business is hard and not really fair to new Bands in Austria but I feel that people are waiting for the new Rockage to begin again.
Pros: I would say that the people who have heard us like us. We just need to meet other bands and connect us to play in other places together…
Cons: is definitely that we do not have a real music scene here for live performing. It’s very hard to play and even harder to get paid for a gig.
The only way to take the hurdles and pitfalls is…
to hold on, if you really love what you do!
Social media…
is good for all Bands to connect with other Bands and even venues who had enough space for Bands to play. I like the ability it provides for us to talk to people, post new music like on Facebook or twitter, etc and let people share it with their friends!
I fear… doing nothing…
To do nothing is in this business is like giving up and letting your dream die!

I hate to…
spend alot of wasted time on the computer. I want to live in the real life.

Albums vs Singles…
For a new band it´s better to release an album because if you have a variety of different songs, you can reach more people at the same time. Every member in a band has his own song that he likes the most and I think that’s a good indication that we have a solid variety that would appear to different people.

To advertise…
I decided to make a sound pre-view on Soundcloud and connected it with Bandpage to our Facebook. This way everyone can listen to all songs as a short preview and at the release day (for guys who don’t want a physical CD), they can download their favorite song or full album.

Single tracks are much better for release and to promote to your fans. But for the streaming stuff you need to be a “Merlin“ member,( if you have a Label) or (if you´re not a Label) a distributor that is a Merlin member to get your money for the streaming.

When I download, I prefer to download the full album of a band because you can’t really get to know a band if u just know one song or just from the one airplay on a radio station. Like NickelBack, I’ve seen it so many times that people who just now the radio songs (cuz they bring the big money), even don’t know the band! Every time I play one of my favorite songs of NickelBack, people ask me – who is this?“ Nickel Back is a Hard rock band, but they know the business so they make Radio songs to earn money, listen to the other songs!

I would love to spend 5 minutes alone with…
Synister (A7X) and Matt (Trivium). For me, they are both awesome songwriters, guitar player and I think it would be a funny conversation. I would not ask them how they make songs as I have my own way but it would be funny to talk about stupid, pointless things just for fun.

It is important to…
stay real and have your own sound and style. Don’t follow trends. I would never let someone else say what I should wear. … and it could be my Mother… I wear and make music like I want to!

Success is…
when a fan brings a friend (better more) and that person is after our show a fan too! I´ve seen it as it starts with a visit of a few guys in our band room and after that with 100 people at out first gig and ends with over 500 in the first year! It was amazing. So we try to connect all people to come or share our gigs, to grow our fan base organically.

My overall goal for my life and career..
I would be proud of making a new and better music scene for Rock fans with my own Radiostation, festivals, a club were every band can play, having every year a world tour, help other bands to success, my own house (certainly with a music studio in it). And the other things.. lets see whats happen.

3 ways that I challenge myself…
1) I play at home much more than I can. You need to have a goal that you wanna reach and a much higher goal, if you are close to the higher goal u can play the other stuff too!
2) Listen to alot of music in almost all genres to be different. So i can make new songs that doesn’t sound like another.
3)My hate love the social network… I try to stay connected with fans, friends, but the most important for me is to connect with other bands to help each other.

Tyler Wolf
I was 4-5 years old when I saw a live performance on TV in my sisters room. At that moment I knew someday I wanted to be the best drummer in the world.

As I grew up the drums were never enough for me. Over 14 years and two bands later I wanted to write music and had so many ideas for songs, so I set out to learn guitar. About two years after I started to learn guitar, I searched for people who wanted to be in a band and began again with Crossroad 6 in 2012.

At the moment as we finished our first song, it was definitively the birth of our dream to be in Rock the world.

It’s about a man who lost almost everything. This message is carried out as a common theme with each song expanding into a deeper message on the Sleepless Album. In Salesman: think about yourself.. if you´re down, it seams that the whole world is against you… would you feel better, if all people that you meet sent a smile your way and gave you a hand? I am always asking why people don’t when they see someones pain?

One thing we really take care about making Sleepless, was that each song has his own nature. It would be boring if it was all too predictable. We didn’t want you to here a song and you know how the others would sound. It should be a journey as you listen to the album.


I live in the area around Oberwart, Burgenland, Austria…
The music scene lacks that personal connection with live musicians. It would be cool to bring the good old times of Rock back to Austria. There are so many great new bands yet most people are listening to electronic music at this time. We wanted to accomplish that the people come back to the music dream where real people play instruments and listen to new bands.
Most of my free time is…
spent with music, meeting friends or hanging out with my dog Charlie.


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