It’s a stay on your toes type of business
gotta stay working and grinding just like anything else in life you get what you put in.

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Scrooge Greedy

It’s a stay on your toes type of business
gotta stay working and grinding just like anything else in life you get what you put in.

I really don’t have any complaints
I’ve been having fun and learning at the same time. My experience has been good so far.

By being successful and never giving up in the struggles.

E-40 and Its because he come from where I come from
as far as a broken home having to take chances and live a life where you could die or go to jail and he still managed to get out and become successful. He never quit and he still making good music. And that’s what I’m striving to do.

My surroundings inspired me to do it it was crazy
when people heard me rap i would always get told that’s what i’m born to do. My folks would be like nobody put it together like you so that’s why i do it that’s my inspiration outside my wife and kids.

Trapper That Rap Scrooge Greedy Ft W.I.L.L. by scroog greedy #np on #SoundCloud

It’s a true story my moms and pops had a crack cocaine habit
but at the same time my pops was trying to sell crack but two crack heads cant sell crack so here go my story.

Yea I was at the studio with my guy shabaka he was like I got a track
that I been throwing out to other rappers but none felt the track but when he played it i was like yea bro i need that and then my boy will came when i was doing my verse’s. And he blessed me with the hook and trapper that rap was born.

My music is the soundtrack of my life it’s either something I did
or something I experienced myself or someone close to me went through what I’m talking about. my music made for people like me its also made for people who never had to live the way i have had to live but want to know what it is like they can learn from me basically my music is a how to survive the streets handbook. And a lot people need one of them.


I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma
and the music scene is growing right now in my city and state and as far as going out and seeing the hip hop scene in Tulsa we have the yeti and the shrine and the four spot that really puts a light on tulsa hip-hop.


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