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“There is in no more traditional “MUSIC” business. They failed to adjust and morph into what was needed at the time. It has allowed people like me to get more exposure from the online outlets, but the marketing $ and new discoveries have almost disappeared.” – @anechiverri

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Music business…
There is in no more traditional “MUSIC” business. They failed to adjust and morph into what was needed at the time. It has allowed people like me to get more exposure from the online outlets, but the marketing $ and new discoveries have almost disappeared.

Pros and cons…

Pros: Being in control and pursuing your sound and music without the influences of a record label that can limit and destroy creativity.

Cons: lack of push and marketing.

Hurdles and pitfalls…
A lot come from watching other successful artist and how they reach out using these types of formats, be it, social media, radio, on-line radio, music sites, etc. And just keep pushing ahead when you don’t feel like it anymore b/c you are the only thing that they can’t stop.

Social media…
I love the reach it has. My first Ep was hugely popular in Israel and Lebanon which to me is just crazy. I love the immediate feedback from fans and non-fans alike. It helps me be more creative. Listening to critics can be tough but someone who is listening and buying your music has a window to share their thoughts.

Besides the typical musician’s staggering self doubt, no. LOL.

Singles vs an album…
I prefer albums. Why? b/c it tends to capture an artist and/or band’s vibe and direction. Although, I do love a single once in a while, I tend to buy the album to help support an artist.
The use of Tunecore and CDBABY really help the small artist get noticed b/c it packages them/me like the big record companies. It gives me/us a layer of legitimacy to the non-musician.

I first got inspired by…
my sister’s album collection growing up in the late 70’s early 80’s and KISS. I started in earnest at 13 yrs old when I got my first electric guitar and learned to play it myself while watching MTV videos.

I am most afraid of…
Never trying or being someone who talks about their glory days. I like to keep life in front of me, moving, evolving, and witnessing. I’ll sleep when I am dead, then talk about me.

My personal definition of success is..
Putting this album together, writing it, preforming it, paying for it all on my own. I take pride in the fact that I did this on my own. No one can take it away from me or make feel bad about due to their criticism. I am proud of the effort and looking forward to doing it again of I am able to.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
Be happy, Love and live. It really is simply, don’t sweat the small stuff, just write about them.

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal.

1)Try and write a song once every 2 weeks.

2)Get a consistent lineup for a small amount of tour dates.

3)Be heard and talked about.

Mr. Moon
The origin of the song came from my grandfather’s short little lullaby he sang to my mother from the early 1940’s. At the beginning of the song is the original version or as close as my mother could remember it. I wrote it on the beach of Hilton Head Island 20 years ago, when my attempts to pick up chicks with my guitar failed due to no alcohol. The moon was out bright that night and I recall the song my grand father sung to my mom and it began to take shape. Purchase:

The song has had many versions, but the evolution of its sound on the record came about the day of actual recording the song. I had gone on a lunch break to clear my head and heard heard Stray Cat’s followed by Queens of the Stone Age on my shuffle. It gave me the idea of the vibe I wanted for the song.

The album is a bit of a tribute to…
my family and kids. It is a mix of older material that I never recorded and/or newly written songs, like “On the Run” (about my son and parenthood) and “Yearbook” a song written for my 7th grade daughter. Honestly, what’s great about it is, is that I enjoy listening to it without reservations and wanting to go back and fix something. It came out as I had envisioned in my own ear & mind. My songs are mostly written to be memorable through the melody. Either from the guitar riff and/or the hook.

Freddy Echiverri indie music
San Antonio, Texas…
Music scene is complex with a lot of cover bands and latino/texmex/tejano music. Combined with a very nice under ground music scene that is ready to burst. Austin, tx. always get the pub but San Antonio is really an undiscovered area of music that needs to be explored.

Bar 502, Sam’s Burger Joint, White elephant, Gruene Hall, Fitzgerald’s

I am a huge college basketball fan, in particular, University of Kentucky. I grew up in and around Lexington and attended UK. I have now got my 9 year old son into it and we travel to games together, etc.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Lucky for me, I did have more than 5 minute alone with my idol BB KING. He was gracious and wonderful as human being and a musician. Class Act.


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