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WORTH is About Everyone Knowing That Their WORTH Isn’t Wasted Matter & That We Are All WORTH More Than What We Could Ever Know.” – @rollazonemusic

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ROLLA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Social media…
One Thing I Like About The Social Media Way Of Doing Things Is That Its Possible For Worldly Exposure. Just Gaining & Building My Following Over The Computer.

Music business…
It’s Crap Nowadays. Everything To Folks Telling Me I’m Not A Good Fit For The Event Due To Lack Of Following, Can I Hold An Audience To My Music Isn’t The Type Of Genre They Are Looking For Many Other Things. I try to Stay Positive And Persistent To Myself.

Singles vs an album…
It’s Pretty Much All The Same Whether It Be A Single or Album Its All About Advertisement (Advertisement Has To Be Key) As Far As Promoting And Marketing When Trying To Get Yourself Out There As An Artist For Myself I’m Always Creating Different Idea’s To Market And Get Myself More Of A Following & More Exposure If That Makes Sense.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Ms Lauryn Hill She Is My Idol Point Blank And I Want To Be Able To Write And Perform As She Does Although I Am Not A Rapper Ms Hill Brings So Much In Her Music & Lyrics She Tells Stories Real Stories!

I am most afraid of…Failure!

My personal definition of success is..
I Will Never STOP Point Blank I Can’t I Want It To Bad That It Hurts My Success Story Is That I Have Come A Long Way From Where I Was And I Know That My Time Is COMING It’s Literally Around The Corner How I’m Going To Achieve It Is By Never Quitting Point Blank I’m Swimming Against All Currents!

My over all goal for my life & career is…
Still Building/Gaining Me A Following And To Be Able To Live Off My Craft While Continuing To Bring Music/Videos/Skits To My Supporters/Fans

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1)I Lay My Map Out, I Visualize My Pursuit

2)What It Is Going To Take To Get There I Talk About Where I Am Going

3)I Continue To Move My Desire (Music Career) In Motion To Turn The Pursuit Into Reality

Her Name Is ROLLA.
Her Slogan Is “Smile With Me” Which Sums Up Her Brand Followed By You Have Entered RollaZoneMusic. & She Is A Singer/Songwriter Out From Boston, Ma.

I Am Inspired And How I Began With Music To Pursue My Music Career Is…
Because My Talent Was Given To Me By My Heavenly Father God Above And My Mother Whom Played Guitar While I Sung At The Age Of Two.

is About Everyone Knowing That Their WORTH Isn’t Wasted Matter & That We Are All WORTH More Than What We Could Ever Know.

It Pretty Much Was A Song I Wasn’t Sure I Was Going To Push Or Put Out To Promote An Ex Producer Of Mine Brought It To My Attention And Needed Some Help About Where To Take It We Sat On It For A Pretty Long Time Until One Day My Current Manager Heard It And Said I Should Rerecord The Song And Now Here It Is Today. Just A Real Feel Good Song To Uplift The Heart/Emotions Because We Are All WORTH The Matter! Buy the song:

It Was Just Fun To Write The Song And Get Some Input About How It Made Folks Feel.

ROLLA featured ava live radio
What I Want Folks To Expect From My Music Is…
Definitely Different And Always A Great Message That Folks Can Relate To Of All Ages. What’s Great About My Song Is That It Isn’t Directed To One Main Person Or People Everyone Can Vibe To It Everyone Can Understand That Life Is A Matter Regardless Of Color And Other Segregated Issues Going On In Social Society Nowadays. What I’m Wanting To Accomplish Is Building/Gaining My Following And Folks Across The Globe Hearing My Music Point Blank! How I’m Marketing My Song Is Just Putting It Out There For It To Be Heard Its Very WORLDLY So That Is How I’m Marketing My Song “WORTH”!

Right Now I Reside In Boston, Ma…
And The Scene Here For Singers I Feel Is Over Washed By A Whole Mass Of Rappers Although There Is Many Open Mic’s To Get Into Which I Love When There Is A Great Crowd To Perform In Front Of More Audience The More Exposure!

There is The Harp, The Middle East, The Jook And Many Other Places. I Love Having Fun Whether It Be Theme Parks And Basketball Or Being In The Studio Recording NEW Music Point Blank Working Hard As A Indie Artist.

Social media:

1. Her Website At
7. (Where My Song “WORTH” Can Be Purchased)