I feel that the music industry is a place with tough concurrence and a lot of other talents. @karin_marklund

Live Interview
Episode #387 : http://tobtr.com/9590835

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio



I feel that the music industry is…
a place with tough concurrence and a lot of other talents.

I’ve felt that I often times put myself a bit in the background
and that I’ve focused more on the concurrence rather than putting myself and my talent in focus, but that’s
gonna change. From now on I’m going to give myself the focus i earn and I feel excited to take the music industry by storm. This far I’ve felt that as an Indie musician in the beginning of my carrier it’s hard to reach out to people. This without the right contacts. A good thing though, is that no matter how I feel, music always cheer me up and that’s the thing that matters the most to me.

Laleh. She’s Swedish artist/producer/songwriter.
I really love her style and her music. I admire her successful carrier the facts that she’s a big name, but in Sweden and in many other countries. She’s a woman with a strong personality, and to me she’s just really cool!

So this Boy Told Me This
*This is an important song with a powerful meaning.

A friend of mine were forced to run from his country,
Afghanistan, due to war and injustice. He had to run through ”hell”, and along the road he got separated from his family. The song is written like a letter from him directed to his mum. I had the luck to meet him when he finally came to Sweden, and from the day of our first meeting, 8 months ago, we have contact daily. We hang out, go for walks together and I try to help him as much as I can. It feels hopeless knowing that so many other children’s lives looks just like this, and I feel angst to not be able to help everyone. I do wanna make a difference.

After this single I will release a second single in December.
The single is also named ”December”. Shortly after that, in the beginning of 2017, I will release an EP. The next single (December) and the EP is both about storys from my life, from two years back and forward. I have written lyrics of specific moments and about specific feelings I’ve had the last few years, with a lot of angst with panic attacks and so on.


I’m living in Sweden in a town called ”Norrköping”.
It’s a quite cozy city with a lot of music, art and culture.


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