Kenichi Tamura

“Most importantly is that my music is a mix of Flamenco and Rock as interpreted by a Japanese mindset.  If you are a Rock fan you will experience a new rhythm. If you are a Flamenco fan you will find a new melody or harmony.”   Kenichi Tamura  @tamuken76

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


I was first inspired to play music…
When I listened to Santana and thought that I wanted to play the guitar.

La Mañana en Torreón…
I have visited Mexico twice to promote my music. Because my songs are distributed via Jango, on internet radio.  There I have reports that many of the listeners in Mexico like my songs. With this particular song I had a trip to Mexico, where I visited Torreón, located in northern Mexico. Well, that morning the city was very quiet. While eating in a cafe,  a lot of the people were very peaceful, and the flow of time passed very slowly. While there, more than anything I felt the people had such kind hearts, so I tried to express that in this song’s writing. My new album’s cover art was shot in Torreón.

Kenchi Tamura's Music

I live in Tokyo Japan…
Currently, people there are interested in Anime songs, vocaloid songs or girls group’s (ex. AKB48). But I’m not interested in the music scene of Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan. In Japan, instrumental music is not very widely accepted.  Many Japanese people don’t listen to instrumental musicians.

Music business..
In Japan, the music business is an exclusive thing for major artists only. The music business is difficult for Indie musicians in particular. In Japan, if we pay money we can do a show, but those venues (clubs, cafes or restaurants) don’t advertise to many audiences in advance of the show, I believe it’s because they can receive rental costs by musicians for the gigs. So artists need significant money to advertise by themselves  in order to gather an audience. If we don’t have additional money we can’t  continue our musical career. The Japanese music business is not rooting for independent musicians. So I want to grow my musical career in other countries.


Social media…
brings so many connections in my music career. Actually, I was able to promote my music in the United States and Mexico, and many of the sales are a mix of the United States, then Mexico, and Japan.

Singles vs an album…
I don’t know the best choice but I feel that releasing an album is best for my music style (instrumental music).

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I respect Ichiro Suzuki. Already he is very famous in Florida and throughout the United States. Of course, his playing is exciting and unbelievable, but the most interesting thing is his way of life. He has his original style, but he can change his play around  any situation.  Yet when he changes his play or position, he doesn’t lose his appeal. I think that his style is similar to that of the Rolling Stones.

Being current and trendy…
I am checking current events every day. Many things give me some inspiration.

I am most afraid of…
I am afraid that I can’t speak English better. hahaha

My personal definition of success is..
My music having good activity in another country. The Mexican fans are my best supporters. I did some shows in Mexico, and I continue to make some earnings on my music there.  There are more  requests to do my show. On facebook, I connected with one Mexican guitarist; the thing was a trigger toward growing my music career. I visited him in Mexico, and he also came to Japan. Since then our ties have grown stronger. Our collabortive relationship keeps going strong.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
My overall goal is that I would like to live in another country while pursuing my music life. It is a bit more difficult as I am currently living in Japan.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…
1)    I will study English. (My Spanish is better than English)
2)    I keep looking for the best opportunity that provides a good environment to continue the music.
3)    I keep composing good music.

My music is…
A fusion with Flamenco, Rock, a Japanese traditional melody and covers, even more, genres. If you are a Rock fan you will experience a  new rhythm. If you are a Flamenco fan you will found a new melody or harmony. Most importantly is that my music is a mix of Flamenco and Rock as interpreted by a Japanese mindset. I don’t intend to do the same style of Spanish Flamenco.

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