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Vernon Fuller

My dad was from New Orleans so…
I guess that’s where my love of jazz comes from! I used to go out dancing and clubbing to music by James Brown, Funkadelic, Parliament and Rufus amongst many others. The songs on my “Music of my Youth” CD mirror a lot of the music that I love and loved before I ‘branched out’ into a love of Jazz.

My wife has been my greatest encourager, champion and critic. Recently, quite a few independent broadcasters have been very supportive too.

I started out playing guitar and singing vocals with reggae and funk bands in London, playing upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club. I have also played at Birmingham Jazz Festival with the Bean Machine. Since moving to the Northwest in the UK, I have played regularly in several bands; Afro Blue, Twin Frets, So What Now, Funkus Monkus, T-razz and as a solo artist, most notably was a featured artist for Jazz FM. I also played support for Courtney Pine CBE, Geno Washington, Acoustic Alchemy, Snake Davis and The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. My playing is influenced by the playing of Wes Montgomery and George Benson and the vocals of Al Jarreau, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder. I love to deliver a heady cocktail of smooth jazz with a hard edge and has released several albums to date, mostly cover versions of songs. I ams a regular performer at Southport Jazz Festival, Nantwich Jazz & Blues Festival and Marlborough Jazz Festival, and have been featured and/or appeared on Jazz FM, wa12 radio, Thisisthecat radio, Itmattersradio, BBC Radio Merseyside and Siren FM.


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