Multi-Instrumentalist in multi-genres Tepoe Nash creates his own style.Tepoe is a music veteran of Tennessee and has been influenced by many styles of music. He started on guitar but found a passion for drums early on, and since then has expanded his experimentation into many other instruments.

Tepoe also loves experimenting on creating musical instruments, and received a US Patent in 2008 on a new type of guitar he created. Most of Tepoe’s music are compositions completely recorded and produced by him in his home studio. Tepoe loves creating everything on his own, but as a producer he realizes some of his music needs additional components, and on occasion has employed session musicians to complete what he desires for his music.

In 2016 Tepoe had the pleasure of Wayne Moss and Charlie McCoy making contributions to a few of his songs. These two players made up the great sounds of such artists as, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and many more that Tepoe grew up admiring. Tepoe is currently creating and releasing new  music in several genres and has big plans for his music in the future.

“Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

This past month I’ve been focusing on…
getting my video studio set up where I can start recording some live footage to use in production for some up and coming music videos. I’m really excited about working and learning more about video editing, and this will greatly help with my long term goal of creating additional content for my music. Also this past month, I recorded and released my version of the great Johnny Nash reggae classic “I Can See Clearly Now” for the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

“Ask, and it shall be given you”

The three most important things I’ve learned this year so far.. 
1. Set Goals
2. Make plans of reaching them.
3. Enjoy the process

I’m really looking forward to releasing new videos on my songs, recording and releasing more music, and to have my music exposed to a bigger audience. I’m also looking forward to learning, growing and becoming a better musician and person, meeting new friends, and opportunities.

“Seek, and ye shall find”

Song name: I Ain’t Gettin’ Up This Morning
Music Genre:: Blues
This song is about wanting desperately to sleep in! It came to me one morning after realizing I couldn’t hit the snooze button again, and i guess you could say I had the want to sleep Blues. I had been up almost all night recording, and only had about 3 hours of sleep, and as I arose, it was like someone turned on a radio and the song was playing in my head. I was hearing “I Ain’t Gettin’ Up This Morning”, but responsibility was saying you got to

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I’ve had several people influence my musical life…
and the main one was my late father Malcolm Nash. He was playing Gospel-Bluegrass music on the radio way before I was born, and he started me on my musical journey at age 5 with my first guitar. I just wish I would’ve listened to him more when he was instructing me.

Another person who has been a big influence on me and my music is my good friend Wayne Moss. I think he is one of the best guitarist of all time, and I feel very honored to have him on this song performing the Bass Guitar. He is the original guitarist on Roy Orbison’s “O’ Pretty Woman”, Bass Guitarist on Joe Simon’s “Chokin’ Kind”, Guitarist and Bass Guitarist on Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde”, and has more musical credits than I could possibly mention. He owns and still operates the oldest working studio in Nashville TN, “Cinderella” and has always helped me in any way he could. He’s the reason that I have the great Charlie McCoy playing the harmonica on this song, and I’m still thanking him for that.

My songwriting process is…
all inspirational, and what I mean, is that my songs either come to me by way of melodies playing in my head, or by riffs that come to me while improvising on my guitar. Some songs come to me as complete works and some as just segments, as in a chorus line or basic riff.

The production of my music is currently done on Pro Tools Express. It’s a inexpensive, fairly simple program to use, and I love it. It doesn’t have many features of the full Pro Tools program like Pitch Correction, and you can only input two tracks at once but usually I record all the tracks myself so that’s not a problem.

I love any kind of instrument that makes sound, but I would have to say that Guitar and Drums are my favorite.

I live in..
I live in a small town about an hour from Nashville TN, and spend most of my time working on my music and enjoying my family.

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