Even though being an independent artist takes self-discipline and diligent work ethic, I get to learn a immense amount about the music industry  by being so invested in each stage of the song release.

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Band Name: Talia Perez
 I am a 20 yr old Pop/Edm singer-songwriter and music producer from Los Angeles, CA. My music is a mix of eclectic Pop & EDM, with undertones of R&B/Hip Hop.
My love for music began when I was just a baby, singing before I could even talk. I grew up singing in church choirs which helped hone my vocal skills and influence my r&b/soul tone. At just 14 yrs old I was on the Fox TV Show “The Xfactor” and made it to the top 70 out of 200,000 contestants. After being on the show, I was inspired even more so to continue pursuing music. I taught myself how to play guitar, piano, ukulele, and produce electronic music.
I released my first debut single “Champion” at 18. With my ambition to create music that inspires and motivates others, I decided to release my latest song “Success” that was released this year 2018. I love being immersed in creating new music, artwork, and now I have branched out into film & tv. I’ve recently been featured in various commercials such as “Conde Nast,” “Cover Girl”, “Hulu.” etc… I love incorporating music and intertwining the film industry into one with my career.

Lazy hands make a man poor but diligent hands bring wealth. -Proverbs 10:4

 This month I’ve focused on planning for my next couple song releases. I’ve set goals, made a release template, budgeting plan, etc.. It’s a big workload for an independent artist but there’s great pros to handling your music career. It’s great getting to be immersed in the creative direction of each song, seeing  the music marketing process up close, and there’s so many music industry tools I learn along the way since I take care of A-Z release checklist.

Even though being an independent artist takes self-discipline and diligent work ethic, I get to learn a immense amount about the music industry  by being so invested in each stage of the song release.

 I’ve learned that it’s important to release new music regularly. I waited for 3 years till I finally released my recent song “Success.” Once I did, my Spotify following tripled within a couple of weeks, my social media sites grew rapidly, everything started moving forward fast. I learned that new music is vital and important to everyone, we all want to hear something new and fresh.
 I’ve got some fresh sounds and great inspiration for new songs that I’m looking forward to sharing this new year. I’ve spent countless hours and months creating the music. The songs are a reflection of who I am, my outlook, perspective, and inspiration in all the lyrics and sounds that I create. Its very exciting being able to share the hard work and effort I’ve invested in creating music everyone can enjoy listening to.

Song name: Success
Music Genre:: Pop/EDM
 This song is about being successful in life, reaching for your dreams and going beyond the status quo. I wanted this song to encourage and motivate others to believe they can be do anything they set their mind to. My music and lyrics are inspired by my ambition to achieve great things in life and inspire others to do the same.

Most of my music is about being motivated, determined, focused on my goals, etc…. My family has been most influential in my music because they were the ones always encouraging me to believe I can do anything I set my mind to. My music therefore is filled with encouraging lyrics to inspire others to reach success in their own lives and be diligent about pursuing your own dreams and goals.

My songwriting process is fairly simple, yet has fun and creative style. I create my music with my keyboard and favorite program “Logic.” I love adding synth sounds, hip hop beats, edm tones, all using my keyboard and different sound effects. Once I have my foundation melody and sound for my song, I create the lyrics by thinking of what inspires me the most. I think about how the music makes me feel, then I add lyrics to match the atmosphere of the song.
I live in Los Angeles, CA and spend the majority of my time producing and writing music. When I’m not songwriting I’m usually shooting music videos, doing photo shoots, or filming commercials. Everything I do usually revolves around making music and improving my art!