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We can’t really speak from any kind of experience,
but we know it’s a business that is hard to break into, and that it can be very stressful and often not very profitable, but we try every single day to make the best of it. We love making music and want to make a career out of it @PeriaptOfficial

Live interview 
Episode #363 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW PERIAPT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Nate Fairgrieve


We can’t really speak from any kind of experience,
but we know it’s a business that is hard to break into, and that it can be very stressful and often not very profitable, but we try every single day to make the best of it. We love making music and want to make a career out of it.

What we can speak for, is social media.
It has been such a massive help in getting us exposure and connecting with people we otherwise wouldn’t know about.

The biggest pro of all is being able to simply play music,
and write with like-minded people that you have chemistry with. We’ve been writing for a long time as a group, and it has just been getting more enjoyable as it is a passion for all of us, that just keeps growing.

Connecting with people whether,
they be musicians, promoters, or the audience, is a big pro because we love talking to and getting to know people. We know it sounds cliché, but the energy you share with the audience when you get in the zone is something that you must experience to understand, because we don’t know how to put it into words. But it’s absolutely awesome.

As for the cons. We know there are issues that every band will have to face,
but your only option is to keep going. Yes, things can kill your motivation sometimes, but as far as we are concerned we are fortunate enough to make and play music, and that’s all we care about.

While God Eater is a single,
we want to do an album or EP but unfortunately all we could afford was to record one song, and we decided to go ahead with it because we wanted to get something out there as soon as possible.

While a single can give insight into what an artist is about
and what to expect in the future, we feel that an album is a better experience, because as we said earlier, each song is a journey, and an album should be a culmination of all of that. Releasing multiple singles can make that feel somewhat disconnected, but that’s just our opinion.

As we said previously, social media has been a great building block
for many aspiring artists and has made it easier than ever to share your art. It helps put your music in places where it otherwise wouldn’t be heard, meaning outside of the country.

We feel too much effort is placed towards being trendy,
rather than creating music that reflects what that artist wants to share. They can be more interested in the sales, and ‘catchiness’ of a song, rather than the experience of listening to something a little different. Not to say that we consider ourselves to be anything uniquely special, because we really don’t. But we do try to write what resonates with us, and what we want others to hear.

We write the music we enjoy and that we would want to listen to.
We want the songs to speak for themselves, and people are free to form their own opinions and views of what we do.

We work together.
We try not to think about the struggles no matter how much they may bother us. We move past it, and work as a band, as a band should. This applies to any situation. Getting help from someone else will always make things easier to deal with.

You can’t always live life on your own terms.
Sometimes, you have to just go with what you’ve been given and make the best of it. Appreciate what you do have control over, make the most of it.

Who would we want 5 minutes with?

Nate: Layne Staley, because of his uniqueness.
His lyrics constantly grabbed my attention and influenced me a lot as a singer/songwriter. He was one of the greatest voices rock had to offer and his tragic lifestyle is something I would have liked to talk to him about.

Jamie: Lindsey Buckingham, because his style
and approach to guitar playing is something that has been a great influence to me, and it is evident in the solo to God Eater.

Mark: Joe Hisaishi, as his compositions are very emotive and set a great atmosphere.

Stephen: Gavin Harrison, because his approach to drumming is very musical and unlike anything else I’ve ever heard.

I was inspired by the music video for the song “Would?” by Alice in Chains,
which I had saw on MTV when I was very young, and I remember thinking how cool Layne Staley looked and carried himself in the video. It was something that just stuck with me and when I was 13 or 14, I decided to start a band with a friend.

At first, I had no idea what I wanted to do.
I just knew I wanted to write something, so I started writing lyrics. I’ve always had a strong passion for music and to make something of that. That’s when I met the drummer, Stephen, who convinced me to sing since I didn’t play anything at the time, and lacked confidence.

We struggled for a long time to find our sound.
sound Though we all found a common inspiration, Alter Bridge, and decided that we wanted to go for that sort of sound. Sadly, at this point things went sour with some of the original members.

After struggling to find members for 2 or so years,
myself and Stephen joined a music course in which we found our guitarist, Jamie. However, we still couldn’t find a bass player, so we just kept writing and practicing. Then after posting some adverts, we finally found a bass player, Mark, in early 2015. We finally felt we had the perfect line up and practiced as much as we could and then we got our first gig.
So here we are. It’s taken a while, and a lot of hard work, but we all hope people find our music interesting and enjoyable.

God Eater

It’s about a loss of power.
When you are in a situation where you want something to happen, and you try make it so but nothing seems to work, and no matter how hard you try to change it, you just end up being angry, feeling incomplete or full of regret.

In simple terms, it’s like watching a series of events
play out that you wish you could just avoid, but it just continues to make your life harder because it never ends, it’s just a vicious cycle.

It’s the oldest and first song written by us.
It was one that we constantly rewrote over the years as our influences and writing ability kept changing and improving, as well the change in our members.

Originally it was called “The Haze”.
The bridge riff was the foundation for the whole song but we always struggled to find something to fit around it, that would match what we thought the feel of the song should have been.

When we were finally comfortable with the line up,
we started over and kept the bridge section and most of the chorus. That’s when we finally got a main riff which completely changed the feel of the song, and we then built around that as it was darker and heavier. The lyrics then followed to match the new feel. We wanted a song that hit you in the chest. Also, one of the reasons we chose ‘God Eater’ as the final title is because of how well it stood out due to how abrupt and aggressive it is, which matched the feel of the song.

We chose to record this song because it was the odd one out.
It’s not really like the other songs. It shows where we came from musically. It’s a straight forward song compared to the others we have written. We feel that it best shows our earlier influences, such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam.

Those influences are still present in our music, but not as obvious.
The raw feel and energy those bands had is still something we aim for.

Progressive bands such as Mastodon, Opeth, Karnivool,
Toska, Porcupine Tree, and Tool now play a massive part in what we aim to write. We still try to keep the choruses big and melodic as a contrast to how busy the rest of the songs tend to be, because one band we always come back to is Alter Bridge. It was how epic their choruses felt, that influenced us to start playing in the first place, as we previously mentioned.

Lyrically, the rest of our songs have a darker feel to them,
as they are more personal and have touchy subjects. We use these touchy subjects because we don’t want any song we write to be void of meaning.

We want our songs to come across as more of a journey.
To do this we use what could be considered weird structures and dynamics, meaning a really heavy section followed by a polar opposite, clean section, and then back to a darker, more heavy section as a way to reflect the different head spaces the lyrics are supposed to convey.

In short, heavier sections, usually, emit a stronger emotional feeling,
and with more experimental parts, it can break up the journey that songs should be, in our opinion.

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We live in Northern Ireland.
The music scene specifically for what we play is pretty big and getting bigger. There is a lot of great talent, and bands are usually very supportive of each other. The Distortion Project and Rock Therapy NI, are great promoters that have been very supportive and open to helping new bands getting gigs and networking. The problem with being from here, is that it is really difficult to get our music out to a wider audience, so we’ve been pushing very hard to play at as many places as we can, and connect with as many people as we can.


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