Rivita musicianI love the fact that…
I can produce my music and distribute it digitally and reach out to the world through social media. ” – @RivitaGoyle

Episode #280 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW RIVITA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
I feel that there are a lot of people out there who are actually just out to get you and not support you and I have had some bitter experiences in the past. I have become more self-reliant and independent for the same reasons. If you have to make music, you just have to make music and you can’t sit around waiting for someone to help you or to write with you. You just have to take it with a pinch of salt and think about all the people in the industry who have supported you rather than who have let you down. I think it is very hard to maintain relationships in an artistic industry. What I have learnt though is that it is extremely important to sign contracts and to have everything written down in black and white before jumping into a project with other people.

The pros of today’s industry would be…
that a lot of it is online and you can literally sit in the comfort of your own house, make music and publish it online. There are also some very good online songwriting contests and resources available now days.

Social media…
definitely has a lot of pros and a lot of cons! However for an artist in today’s day and age it is absolutely unavoidable.

I love the fact that…
I can produce my music and distribute it digitally and reach out to the world through social media. I love that I don’t always have to go through the trouble of marketing hard copies of my music and it can be available instantaneously on iTunes and other platforms. There are people listening to my music somewhere out there and I love it when I receive E-mail from someone far away telling me how much they appreciate what I do.

There are quite a lot of cons though…
Number one would be that some people take the liberty to spread lot of negativity just because they are sitting on the other side of the screen. I do not really like the fact that websites like Facebook often don’t share your content unless you “boost” it, which makes it quite hard to reach new audiences. I do not really believe in using Facebook promotion because often the “likes” that you get through them are fake profiles, which get deleted after sometime, and it creates a buffer between you and your genuine fans.

Singles vs an album…
I generally prefer releasing singles because that gives each song the platform it deserves. My songs are very versatile as well, and singles give me the opportunity to release a something a bit different every time. I get very excited when I write a new song and putting it out there gives me some sort of a closure.

While I do love the fact that an album gives you the opportunity to tell a full story with a more substantial concept, there is often an odd chance that one song might get more popular than another and I think with singles each song gets its due.

Trends change all the time…
and besides, what is extremely popular in one part of the world might be unheard of in another. I think with the help of Internet you can easily reach the audience who would genuinely support you and love you. I never try to chase the trend or be like someone who is “trending”, I always want to be myself and express that within my art.

Ever since I was a child…
I loved music and I took part in school choirs and other music related activities. I think what inspires me to do music is the fact that music is one subject which satisfies me emotionally and mentally, music has always helps me see things clearly and help me make sense. I can easily translate my thoughts and feelings into music that I often find hard to put into words.

I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone and joking I said to him “I think I need something to pacify me” and the thought just stuck with me. I am a thinker, I think all the time and I often find it hard to sleep because I cannot switch off my brain and to me finding something that would switch my thoughts off for a while would be a pacifier.

The song is quite deep and can be interpreted in lot of ways; most of my music is like that. This song particularly focuses on how much I worry about things and how much I think about the past and the future.

I wouldn’t want to describe the song more as I would like the listeners to interpret in their own way!


I am a very versatile person…
and I think that reflects in my music. I always try to bring my ethnic roots into my music and experiment with different sounds. My music is also quite rhythmic. While Pacify is more of an alternative rock song, my song “Heartbeat” is very calm and expresses a lot of Indian culture in it.

I am currently working on…
a new project for which I am going to go a bit more electronic. The new stuff is definitely deviating from my past releases and I love that because it gives me a chance experience how much I have grown as a producer and a composer.

I genuinely wish that…
whoever hears my music, remembers it forever and can take something good from it into their hearts.


I live in London…
and I think anywhere you go in the city, it will inspire you and fill you up with ideas. I often write songs while walking. It may look funny to people that I sing into my iPhone while walking at a tube station but that’s just how I get ideas.. anytime, anywhere! I love that nobody cares who you are and how you dress up in this city, you can just be yourself and be loved for just that.

There are a lot of fun things to do here and they are not necessarily expensive either. Right now Winter Wonderland is in town and it’s always a good idea to walk around Hyde Park this time of the year and sip on some mulled wine!

Rivita indie artist

I am most afraid of…
other human beings. It is unfortunate that there are several people in the world who feel they can shoot guns and kill innocent people, people who insult others from behind a screen, people who discourage artists and people who are fake. I am a very sensitive person and I get extremely heartbroken and sad over little things. With social media, it is very hard to disconnect yourself from the world and be lost within your own bubble. Sometimes it hurts a lot to see all the negativity in the world and around me and I am constantly trying not to let it bring me down.

My personal definition of success is..
I think I succeed and fail on daily basis! I set small goals myself to reach the big goals, sometimes I can achieve everything and sometimes I fall. I think the biggest success would be that each time I feel like giving up, I get up and fight with more energy and I always keep going. I always challenge myself to research different sounds and cultures and to incorporate them in my music. I am extremely happy that I have produced my last 2 singles myself and I am working on a very cool new track that I genuinely can’t wait to share with the world!

My over all goal for my life & career is…
o be happy! I hate the idea of doing a job or being in a place where I am unhappy. That is one reason why I choose music every time because it makes me happy. I hope to release an EP and a couple of singles in 2016. I am also working on some potential indie film projects as a music composer and I hope that 2016 will lots of film and TV related work my way.

I am also an educator and I love sharing my knowledge of music with others and nothing gives me more happiness than that. When I am not writing songs or composing, I like to do workshops or teach others what I do ☺

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1) I always push myself to do things on my own before turning to others for help, this has made me incredibly hardworking and independent. I have designed my artwork, built my website, written and produced my tracks myself. I do take advice from my close friends and family and it is the best thing when they approve of my work and encourage me to keep going forward.

2) I always push myself to work on new music, as a musician it is a must to practice and practice as much as possible. I don’t always sit and wait around for inspiration to come to me. I often let the inspiration kick in when I tumble upon a new idea while practicing.

3) I am always trying new things and I keep myself incredibly busy, in the last couple of months I managed to finish my Masters degree with flying results, release 2 new singles, play several gigs, perform at several big festivals with a Samba band as a percussionist, learn Portuguese language, work a part time job, teach and several other things I might be forgetting! Every experience is not as fulfilling but it does give me something to write a new song about!


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