There’s also a strong influence of fairy tales because I find it fascinating that the traditional children stories are often really terrifying yet they’re for children. ‘’Take off my face, see who I am’’ is the first line of the song, the music is haunting to mirror the ’scary’ fairy tale influence.

Episode #513: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax:

Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Name: Sarah Hawkyard (SHy)

I focus on bringing emotion and imagery into my music productions while I tell each story. As I was classically trained on the piano, I wanted to create a field of sound through my piano and the computer. To start I write the bare bones on Logic utilizing plugins and what I’ve learned myself in production just to map out the structure then I worked with my talented friends in Austria to evolve the music through collaboration to bring the it to life. I love producing these experiences for my audience and even though I’ve only been on London for 1 year, I have so much more ahead. I’ve only scratched the surface what I have in store.

My next single ‘The End Game’, out on Sept 12th, is all about human ambition and is the most epic sounding song I’ve written so far packed full of strings, piano, drums and powerful vocals. It is all about those who have a burning desire to succeed, to win, to reach their End Game. It describes the sensation, and encourages at the same time. All film producers must have a listen to this one, it’s simply MADE to accompany a huge event or film, and was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

What defines “Success” to you…
In relation to my music, success is about moving people, speaking to their emotions and making them happy. At the moment, I perform in some pretty fantastic locations such as the Savoy hotel and Tramp club, and when I perform I connect with the audience’s emotions and I make them feel good, happy, and often in awe (or so they tell me!). To be able to please people through entertaining with my music is what I strive to do on a much larger scale.

This is success for me. Music that has often moved me the most is the music used in films. The epic sounds, the soaring ballads accompanied by stunning moving images creates the most moving impact for me. Film music (themes and songs) are a huge influence in my music, and I would absolutely love to break into the film industry and get my music used in films that they correspond well with.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
It wasn’t a piece of advice that forever changed my way of thinking, it was meeting someone and everything that they told me and did for me that changed it. There was a gentleman that saw me perform at Tramp and he instantly saw an ‘X-factor’ in me, he got in touch and we met up. We ended up collaborating for a month, he imparted his knowledge on how to be the best you can be to me and above all he shared his motivation and the desire to succeed.

He shook the foundations on which I stood and made me see the bigger picture, that my music and I are meant to move people globally and not just within London. So now, I have a new fire, and I’m doing everything I can to get seen and heard. In fact, ‘The End Game’ (the single out 12th Sept) is the result of this new fire.

I have identified my brand (pop music that is more about the harmonies and melodies than produced beats and sounds), elegance, goodness, music that will appeal more for the 25+ ages rather than mainstream youth, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the hard work and adventure of breaking into the music business. If you have a unique product, you have no competition right? *laughs* 🙂

Link :

Song name: Red Riding Hood
Genre: Pop (experimental pop) with elements of rock.

My music is..
a mixture of pop, ballads, jazz and film music. I love adding a syncopated light jazz feel to some songs, equally I adore soaring ballad lines in harmony vocals that make it almost film like. All songs are currently piano and vocal based, with additional band instruments and sometimes produced electric sounds.

I love experimenting, which is why no song sounds the same. The theme they have in common though is a strong melodic line, and I would describe my vocals as classic meets pop. If you enjoy 60’s music, film music, 90’s pop and pop ballads, you’ll like my music!

This song is about…
identity but it can be interpreted differently by each listener. Influenced by Lady Gaga and John Lennon when they wrote song lyrics you had no clue what they were about. I liked the idea of playing with lyrics to make them so that they’ll mean something different to each listener.

There’s also a strong influence of fairy tales (in particular Red Riding Hood) because I find it fascinating that the traditional children stories (Brother Grimm etc) are often really terrifying yet they’re for children. ‘’Take off my face, see who I am’’ is the first line of the song, the music is haunting to mirror the ’scary’ fairy tale influence.

The song is a particular fav among music critics as it’s a real mix of sounds and vocal use. I like to say the music is a little like Enya meeting Evanescence.

Website & social media links:
Twitter: @SarahHawkyard
Facebook: @sarahhawkyard1