“The main thing that’s kept us going is the love for what we do, circumstances change and so do people’s priorities but we’re so lucky that the rest of the lads live for and love the music, so we won’t be stopping any time soon, we’re here for while!” – @indigoskyuk

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW INDIGO SKY
by Jacqueline Jax

is essential really, we have had people come and go and it’s sad when it happens as you become so close to the people that you play on stage with every night. The main thing that’s kept us going is the love for what we do, circumstances change and so do people’s priorities but we’re so lucky that the rest of the lads live for and love the music, so we won’t be stopping any time soon, we’re here for while!

‘Hide’ is our latest single at the moment. (Sean) It’s actually about depression, I sort of got really annoyed with being down all of the time, most people think it’s about a person or aimed at a person haha but it’s treating depression as a person and shouting at it really. We recorded it at Parr Street Studio’s in Liverpool after gigging with the song for a few months. We have a few stories that should probably stay behind closed doors haha! There was an incident in the studio where Sean borrowed the producer’s guitar and managed to break it within 10 minutes, by the end of the session it was held together by a pack of Rolling Papers…. Sorry Marc. When we were shooting the video too, we had people walking dogs just out of shot, some drunked guy shouting out of a window and two little old ladies stopping us to see what was going on.so it has had a fun inception from recording to filming.

North Wales…
We don’t really have a hometown as we have members from a few different places now, but the band was formed in North Wales. The music scene is quite difficult around there as there’s not much call for original music, that’s how we ended up branching out to Manchester, Liverpool and so on. Never a lot to do in our hometown, which was mainly why we got involved in music.It started off as fun, then we realised we may be on to something as we enjoyed it so much.

The best place you’ve played..
Different gigs for different reasons. Stage wise would probably be the O2 Academy in Liverpool, it was strange being so far away from one and other, as the stage was so big haha. We’ve played some great shows in cities such as Manchester and Liverpool, as the crowds are really good and love music in those cities. We had a great show at LIPA , recently, which is the Institute of Performing Arts in Liverpool, which is funded by Paul Mccartney. We love playing new Places so we are all really excited to come over to New York in May.That will be a great experience.

The Pressure of Music Trends…
There is definitely! You see it with certain bands trying to move with the times or try to copy whatever is “cool” at the time. We don’t let it affect anything though, at the end of the day if we think something sounds good and we like it stays in, we’re just enjoying what we do and haven’t got time to be chasing a scene.

Big lights, massive stages and fame are amazing etc but is it honestly attainable in reality? If we’re able to play our own music an still put food on the table and live our lives that would be enough for us…. But you know, if anyone wants to offer us a recording contract we’d consider it haha!!

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Indigo Sky are a 5 piece Indie band from the North West of England.They combine a mix of styles to create a diverse Indie sound ,influenced by a broad selection of bands from Joy Division and The Cure to Editors and Radiohead. The band have played dates in Liverpool, Manchester, Blackburn, Leeds, Leicester and London as well as their first UK tour. These dates included gigs at the 02 Academies, including the main stage at the Academy in Liverpool and Islington. They have gained recognition from Nile Marr ,son of The Smiths guitar legend Johnny,who selected the band to support Man Made on the Chester date of his tour.Johnny was also in attendance and praised the songs of Indigo Sky. Keith Mullin of The Farm also praised the band following the show at LIPA,Liverpool recently. Indigo Sky’s debut album ‘Pretty Intentions’ was released in December 2012 followed by the release of their EP ‘Between Here And Where You Want To Be’ in 2013 .Both were produced by Marc Joy (Primal Scream,Oasis). The next single ‘Bring me to my Knees’ is being mastered by Darren Jones who was mastered or produced for The Fall, The Coral, The Wombats and The Lightning Seeds.I have attached a rough mix for you. The band will also be going to America to play a run of dates in New York in May this year, from 23rd to 30th. The new single and award winning promo video for ‘Hide’ was released in early October, which I have linked here. Also linked is the band Sound-cloud channel. 40 plus shows on 2014, including festivals such as Mid Wales Waterloo, and Threshold in Liverpool. More festivals confirmed for 2015 Support for established acts such as Canterbury, Manmade , Young Kato, Catfish and the Bottlemen. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further info.

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