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“Success is Not being rich, but wealthy enough to contribute to your community friends and family.” @sewacida

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SEWA~CIDA
by Jacqueline Jax

Success is…
being in a position where you love what you’re doing and can give back to society while providing for your family. Not being rich, but wealthy enough to contribute to your community friends and family.

What’s ahead…
Adam, Eve & Tyrone is the screenplay I’m working on; so the movie coming, Barrier Blockers Inc is the re entry program I’m working on to teach ex offenders entrepreneurship skills; so the grand opening coming, the FATE OF A PHARAOH album in production and whatever else the good GOD has planned for me.

It started out…
as a hobby around 13. I was listening to artists like 2-PAC, UGK, OUTKAST, DA BRAT, etc. and was like, “I can do that!” So, I started and never stopped.

Back 4 Africa…
Me and the producer started working together back in 2006. When we got back in touch, he told me about some new tracks he had. I told him send them because everything has to be original this time around. What really made me want to use all original tracks was a song I heard off Goodie Mobb new album called, Pinstripes. Khujo Goddie said,”These niggas aint got no heat, niggas rappin off the same ol’ beat” I felt like he was talking to me! The song is about me being reincarnated to treat the Afrikan position in America. On the hook I basically ask what’s goin on, on the first verse I talk about my own struggle, on the second verse I talk about the music and on the third verse it’s me rapping as if I was Jesus when I died.  Buy music:

Sewa~Cida indie musicThe title of the new album is, FATE OF A PHARAOH….
I’m only releasing an EP now because it only has 4 tracks. Like I said, everything has to be original this time so while I put DMT name out there I’ll be producing the rest of the tracks myself. My fate was going through my ups and downs. I realized I am king from reading the bible and doing my research on my ancestral heritage. That’s basically what the album will reflect. The goal is to educate.

I stay in Lithonia, GA….
It’s right by Decatur and Atlanta, GA. Unless you from this side of town your going to Atlanta.Haven’t performed in a while, but would recommend Chit Chat, Scores and Jay’s Place. Other than music, I like to write stories and turn them into screenplays.
Social media is cool…
I just have to figure out the science of creating a website and get on that side of the playing field.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Michael Jordan. I am inspired by every African American who can attain this type of position in America!

Do you find that there is to much emphasis on being current and trendy in your genre..
A balance is needed. At the same time you have to be yourself. In the early days of music it was really pop, rock, rap, funk, jazz and blues in one. So today, it shouldn’t be anyone sticking to one genre just to sale and because it’s “trendy”.

What do you use to create your music..
My life! I use music to express the way I feel about every single obstacle that comes my way!

How do you continue to challenge yourself…
By listening to new artists that are current, with wordplay, content and have a style you just can’t deny. That challenges me to be more creative.


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