Live Interview Episode #408: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I’m living the dream making music and getting back into entertainment now that I’m retired. It’s been 40 years but finally I can  move forward making music that I love around great people.

Music Business..

I only bought a guitar about almost three years ago, (I did not own or play any instrument for 44+years) and I hardly played it but had been very focused the last 2 years and had my first full show in April to celebrate my 60th birthday. I have been moving forward on a very fast pace so I really don’t have an opinion of the music biz yet. I have some observations though. I have been lucky to have a lot of the younger musicians appreciating what I am doing so that in itself is very cool.

Obviously, rejection is a big part of this industry but I am not very thin skinned and the scams are all over the place but I take care to watch my steps.

I grew up in Rhode Island but moved here in 1993.The music scene here is great need I say anymore this is Seattle after all.

I would love to meet..
The late Leonard Cohen, he is my inspiration, his words so dark but beautiful. There is so much beauty out there you just have to look through the cracks.

Ghostly Booze Cruise
This is a story of ghosts (of very famous people) **Note/ Rob Zombie is one of the living guests partying on this ship (but yes, he is going down also), that take you to an all-inclusive cruise on the river which they bring out to sea and sink it to bring (soon to be spirits) to Davey Jones Locker below (under the sea).

I bought a mandolin in May to learn how to play and after I learned my first 3 chords I just came up with a fun story as lyrics to the music. Quite honestly, I finished this song in about an hour one of my quickest songs written to date, anyway I dig the spirits so thought I would have some fun with this.

I have only recorded 3 songs so far (on my computer in my office) and I do have 8 originals and am planning on going into a “REAL STUDIO” in the end of April (due to popular demand). When I perform I usually do mostly covers at this point but hope to be doing 50-50 by the end of 2017. I do not try to be anything than what I am, I am not a singer nor an accomplished musician but what I am is a storyteller, entertainer and Fun Guy (if you don’t believe it you can check out my bio, it will back this statement up HA HA) I do think my stories are pretty good and so far the public has thought so as well at least here in Seattle.


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