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“Immediately diving into his passion for music, this singer/songwriter began to take hold of his destiny instantly as he pursued the challenging life ahead of a career in music.” – @Twentytwob

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<Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW TWENTY TWO B
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Twenty Two B
West-coast recording artist & musical multi-talent Twenty Two B has been electrifying the local scene in Los Angeles, California and making incredible moves with his music to leave a lasting impact on every audience he’s been in front of. Twenty Two B has overcome an unbelievable amount of twists and turns throughout his life to become the musician & man he is today; and now with his captivating style and his commitment to truly entertain, the hard-work, dedication and perseverance he’s put in is leading him straight to the top. Before his eventual move to L.A.,Twenty Two B grew up on the Ivory Coast of West Africa before having to flee the country as a political refugee after war had broken out. Experiencing the loss of friends & family members, the war had such an impact on his homeland that it became a daily fight for survival; and wanting to escape away from this horror to start himself a better life eventually put him on that plane to Los Angeles…never to look back. Immediately diving into his passion for music, this singer/songwriter began to take hold of his destiny instantly as he pursued the challenging life ahead of a career in music. Inspired by the surrounding peace and no longer haunted by the echoes of warfare – Twenty Two B had truly set himself free in ways he’d never thought possible & had yet to imagine. Combining incredible & exciting new sounds in a blending of pop music with a rock/hip-hop edge, the occasional trip into a psychedelic funk, and his natural ability to connect to the people through his music has seen the reputation for this captivating performer grow and expand with support daily. Playing reputable venues as word continues to spread; has been seen Twenty Two B exciting audiences at well-known clubs like Whisky A Go Go, House Of Blues, The Mint, The Cat Club and also right near the water at events like the Venice Beach Music Festival. Inspired completely by the continuing support and love for his music; passion, Twenty Two B skills, creativity, and desire are all at their maximum at this very moment in time. Writing and recording new, unique & dynamic material and in the studio day and night – you can expect the new album from Twenty Two B , titled In The Making, to pop into your speakers in 2016.

Back home in Africa…
the Ivory Coast west Africa at the age of 15 my mum was a folk singer. What inspires me is everyday life story. The war in my country got me thinking about the way life can be taking, so Live Everyday Like It is Your Last. Make love not war.

You Get On My Nerves…
has been inspired by my wife. She’s always using that phrase every time she gets mad. Sometimes it’s so funny and I told her here we go again you gone say :”You Get On My Nerves.”

My new album “In The Making” has 10 songs. The vibe on this album is to make people wake up to the reality that life is to be happy, stay away from stress, live it to the fullest, never let haters bring you down, be yourself, be in harmony with peace where there is peace there is love and GOD IS LOVE.

My plan of marketing is getting a team and using the social media, and gigging.

Right now I am between Los Angeles and Las Vegas…
The music scene is great with the all sunset strip thing. I love to spend time with my wife and kids cooking.

Music business… I think the music business is great.

Social media…
I think the social media is great, great platform for the upcoming artist. Gain new fans and promoting can be a challenge.

Twenty Two indie music ava live radio

Singles vs Albums…
It’s a great way to test your fans a single first and after the album. The single will prepare your fans for the album.

I would love to have 5 minutes…
with P Diddy. Diddy inspire me a lot for the passion he have for music and the determination for keep on going, and essence of business.

Do you find that there is to much emphasis on being current and trendy…
I think change is great and you have to go with the flow. but stay real to your yourself. Rocking with the new trend but be unique.

I am not afraid of change.

My personal definition of success is…
living your dream. By living your dream you fulfill your purpose in life. How to achieved it never give up if you failed get up and keep on knocking till door are opened.

My over all goal for my life & career…
is family joy and being happy and reach million of people with music

3 Ways that I challenge myself…
1) Focus
2) Peace
3) Learning

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