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“Uou gotta spend to make it, but its worth the investment. I am overcoming the hurdles because I am focused. If I fall or a studio part breaks or anything happens to where I can’t work on music, I always find a way and remain calm and professional.” – @YoungZ605

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Episode #290 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW YOUNG Z
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Interviewing: Zach Moncrief

I feel pretty content about the music business…
I have a lot of knowledge on it, as I have studied and practiced it many times and have gone through it. Pros: I have made money. Cons: you gotta spend to make it, but its worth the investment. I am overcoming the hurdles because I am focused. If I fall or a studio part breaks or anything happens to where I can’t work on music, I always find a way and remain calm and professional.

The one thing I really like about social media is…
that its powerful and EASY to connect with the world, with internet and a device. Which is a very useful way to get your music to the right people and ears. A challenge I have overcome is going to jail for some bs, and during the process, Kevin gates was expecting to be in town 2 weeks later and i had no idea what was gonna happen. So I sit 10 days, get out and have limited time to sell tickets to perform, I did my best and sold over 700 tickets and proved i had what it takes for hip-hop, and killed my set in front of 3000 people. Great Day.

I like releasing singles because…1
it keeps the listeners satisfied and content. I always make sure my fans got new material and are never bored listening to Young Z. The differences in my marketing strategy include non stop promotion, consistency, high speed internet, merchandise, and I put my brand out there as much as possible.

I was inspired when I lived in Arizona…
in 2009 and just wanted to pick up a mic, and actually make a song. Drake was also a big influence.

Live Yo Life…
its about doing what you love, living your life because life’s too short to bullshit and miss out. So live it like its your last! It was written when I was sitting in my car, playing the beat over n over, while i was having a little smoke session, I was trying to clear my mind, and boom, “Live Yo Life” was created.

My debut album “Darkness Falls” is…
more then just an album, its a story that tells about where I’m from, and what I have gone through, along with professional production, artwork to catch the eye, and 17 tracks you can relate to. From up tempo to in the middle to slow jams, this album is still HOT in the winter. I hope to accomplish exposure and attention with this new album. Turn off the mainstream music you listen to daily and turn on Young Z.

I live in Sioux Falls, SD…
The music scene here is very dry. Everybody makes music, but nobody tells a story with a purpose. I have honestly went without bill money certain months just for music, which is extremely important to me. Only places to go here is either the movies, the mall, or outta here.

The 1 thing I enjoy doing is playing basketball. Its something I grew up doing and played varsity in high school.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Drake or Dj Mustard because in that 5 minutes, a hit would be discussed, smoke would be in the air, and money would be the motive. I get inspired because he makes awesome music and every album I have more then 4 favorite songs. Rare to happen to me.

You always gotta stay with the trend…
if you want to stay relevant to the current listeners if you want to reach them. We live in a society where people judge, so don’t do anything extra for attention if it isn’t needed. Meaning I just do my job by making music and putting everything I do out in HQ/HD.

I am most afraid of death… because I have a lot to live for and I’m still young.

Success to me is when you are.. where you want to be, and getting there by doing what you love to do. Music.

Performing for Wiz Khalifa…
went better then expected. 6k people, all chanting and screaming and rocking with my music, made me feel like a superstar, but kept it humble and appreciated every moment. Transportation before the show was offset, but got fixed last minute and we made it.

Its a great success because…
it has been a dream of mine to meet wiz and open for him. Well it happened. He knows Young Z.

My goal is…
To be famous/signed to a major label.

3 Ways that I Push Myself…
1) I’ll listen to the quality of the music out there, and do my best to make mine sound up to par or better. By learning the software, being comfortable and taking it serious.

2) I’ll put out 2-3 projects a year and 2-3 videos, as well as singles and merch. Every year something new and something to look forward to. Works.

3) I’ll take on every music show i can get and exceed in every performance and get better and stronger each performance. Preparation is key.

Young Z