Da Professor

“The project as a whole carries a worldwide message of “Self-Love”. It represents a turning point in my style and direction as an artist. Love yourself first! When an individual embraces self-love they are automatically gifted with confidence and self-worth. ” – @jetsetprofessor

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DA PROFESSOR
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Da Professor…
My artist name was given to me as a nick name by my friends. I think I was around 17 or so. I choose to keep it as my artist name. I was very mature for my age and always took on a leadership role.

You were born in Kingston, Jamaica the birth place of Reggae music. How did growing up in such a musical environment help you develop your craft…
In 2005 you immigrated to the United States with your family.

How did this life changing experience inspire your music…
I get asked these questions all the time. It was never an inspiration it’s a calling. It’s what I am meant to do. My fans know me well. My music is my autobiography. It allows me to express what I am feeling on all levels and represents a platform for me to communicate and make a positive difference to those who listen to the messages within the songs I write.
Your first live performance was in 2008 at Brookville Park in Rosedale Queens.

How did it feel performing live for the first time, were you nervous? What lessons did you learn?
I started performing when I was 3 for everyone in my family. Therefore, performing at Brookville Park in 2008 was just a bigger crowd of people I did not know. It was a very natural and I was not nervous at all. At one point before I went on my mom said, “You ok?” I looked at her and said, “I got this mom,” and ran out on stage. It was such a rush to watch the audience truly enjoy my performance and they were not my family. My mom said to me after the show, “That stage is where you belong boy.”

We have to ask about your time with the legendary band, Inner Circle. Can you tell us what your most memorable moment was?
I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be the lead singer on tour with Inner Circle. They were truly a gift from god and still are. Every show was a memorable moment. Singing for 30,000 pulse people every night around the world. There is nothing like it. They have been great mentors and helped shape me into the artist I am today.

“I Love Myself”…
The project as a whole carries a worldwide message of “Self-Love”. Much of the music that kids are listening to today can be considered guilty pleasure music. My new project represents a turning point in my style and direction as an artist. It has a very definite mission that will slowly be unveiled as each single gets released.

You recently released your debut track “‘I Love Myself’”; can you tell us a bit about the song and the video…
The launch of the album will occur in TWO phases. I am very excited to discuss my new single titled “I Love Myself”.
It has always been important to me to be part of a mission that truly can make a difference in people lives. Spiky has always been involved in charity work as well. When we finished the song we knew it was special, starting the foundation was the natural next steps. Now I can use my voice and this platform to make a difference and give others the power needed to make a change and learn how to love themselves.

The song is part one of a Trilogy release. February 14, 2015 the first single, “I Love Myself” released which will be followed by the Second single releasing in June and the third single releasing in end of summer.

The story behind the trilogy…
Love yourself first! When an individual embraces self-love they are automatically gifted with confidence and self-worth. Hence, allowing them to make solid decision backed by confidence which feeds into the ability to make great things happen within their lives. That’s when “Anything becomes possible”. The message within the music of the second single. A “Rock Star” of whatever one set their mind on achieving is the end result and the message within third single. I Love Myself music video is also the first of a three part music video launch that will not only represent the music but will be make a short film when all three music videos are played in sequence.

“I Love Myself” is also the anthem representing the Stop the Abuse Foundation.

How did you get involved with such a life changing cause…
The title of my new single, “I Love Myself” can be perceived in several ways. It was very important to Spiky and me that it was not perceived narcissistically. The domestic violence scene within the video was written into the treatment to bring awareness to domestic violence. The single also serves as the anthem to my foundation, “Stop the Abuse Foundation”. Our Foundation’s mission is to not only raise the public’s awareness of the well-hidden-in-the-shadows’ truth about the existence, instances and shocking statistics about domestic violence issues that occur as close as their very own communities, but also to provide victims of domestic violence and abuse – no matter their age or sex – with key resources and necessities they may require when they are questioning how to make, or are actually acting upon, their decision to no longer be an abused victim – but to become free from their abusive or violent situation. The song gives these victims a message through the music and encourages them to love themselves which in turn gives them power and motivation to make that change.

How do our readers get involved with Stop the Abuse Foundation…
I encourage everyone to get involved and help in our fight against domestic violence. It’s very easy to get involved, just go to our website and there is a lot of information they can find. www.stoptheabusefoundation.org.

Many of our readers are aspiring singer-songwriters and musicians. What would be your top 3 tips for anyone who wanted to purse a career in the music industry…
I talk about this with kids a lot during the elementary school performance I give to educate the children on Anti Bulling follow by a performance of, “I Love Myself.” It’s a very hard and competitive career to choose and if you’re an inspiring artist you must want to be an artist so bad that you are willing to make a lot of sacrifices to achieve success. Many nights away from your family, nights without a place to sleep, taking the bus to get to the studio or a part time job if necessary. There was almost a year that all I ate everyday was boxed Mac and Cheese because I was so poor and could not buy meat. The only ones that get to the top are those that do not give up and push through the diversity that will slow you down or block you. One must have faith in what you believe. Never sell your sole and always stay true to who you are and the music you make. Your fans will see through music that is not true to you.

What does the future look like for the Da Professor…
The future looks very bright as my second single gets ready to drop and my album is finished up. To all my current and new fans; every day is a new day to start on your path of creating more fulfilled and happy life for yourself. Please start your next day with loving yourself first then the rest will fall into place.


Meet Da Professor – and feel his emanations of love. Born Julio Todd, he hails from tropical Kingston, Jamaica – a lush and almost “magical” island country. Julio was given the name “Da Professor” because of the energetic magnetism he possesses – like that of a ‘Star Child’. It surrounds him full-circle, and emanates from him. His innate love and sensitivity towards others led him to share his compassionate gifts and abilities – and from ever since he can remember, he’s offered sage advisements to all those who are around him.

Reaching out through his music, lyrics and compositions, Da Professor is the actual “instrument” who shares his innate abilities to ‘feel the vibrations’ of one’s soul… and his “knowing” of how important it is to love one’s self. His remarkable sensitivity to others spills over like the purest water from a wellspring that’s deep beneath the Earth, right in to his music.
Da Professor’s musical influences are vast, and include artists such as Beenie Man, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Sizzla and Bob

The heavens must have been in perfect alignment when Da Professor was graced with awareness of the many talents he has and follows those unique instincts that come straight from within his soul. This inspired him to follow what he knew to be a natural path in life – to create & compose music and write lyrics that have heartfelt meaning and to deliver a message that affects his fans with joy, and a shift in attitude.

Emanating from the lush Caribbean island of Jamaica are rhythmic essences that seem to weave their way in to your soul. Ever since he was a young boy, Da Professor has been like a flowing waterfall of fresh vibes and new sounds that percolate and bubble and, now, for many years, make his fans just plain feel good.

For decades, island music rhythms and Reggae beats have been adopted and incorporated in to thousands of award-winning tracks and albums by many famous musical artists.

While in high school in Jamaica, Da Professor followed his path to further develop his interest in music, and his abilities in songwriting and performance vocals. He honed his talent by circulating among many communities, performing at various schools, churches and community talent shows.

In 2005, Da Professor immigrated to the United States with his family, and graduated from Thomas Edison School in New York City. He got his first break to perform live, on stage in public in 2008 in spacious Brookville Park in Rosedale Queens, NY.
His career began to take off shortly thereafter, and from 2010-2013, Da Professor toured as lead singer, for the legendary band, Inner Circle. He also worked alongside Grammy winning super star and producer Don Corleone. Together they composed and placed songs with world-famous artists such as; Protoje, Ky-Mani Marley, Ken Boothe, J Boog, Tarrus Riley, Mr. Vegas, Jah Cure, Collie Buddz, I-Octane, T.O.K., ZJ Liquid, Wayne Marshall, Bad Gyal Ce’Cile, Daville, and Romain Virgo.
Da Professor’s first gold album placement, “Diversity”, was with the world-renowned German reggae star, Gentleman. Da Professor wrote, produced, and was featured on his single, “Nothing a Change”.

In 2011, Don Corleone, executive produced Da Professor’s first album, “The Laboratory”, released in 2012.
In 2013 he was invited to work with Tessanne Chin, winner of the nationally-televised talent show “The Voice”, and Da Professor composed her single: “Call on Him”. Later in 2013, Da Professor was introduced to record label owner and publisher, “Spiky”, who made her mark in the industry with the Platinum single “I Luv This Shit” produced by Knucklehead, who is also co-signed to Spikes’ Publishing.

Spiky, known to have an ear for talent, signed Da Professor to “Spiky Records” and “SpikyImIn” Publishing. Together they are developing a totally new international fusion style brand and sound for Reggae music.

Da Professor is currently working with the hottest producers and co-writers from around the world creating his next eclectic album. The first single, “I Love Myself”, will release February 14th, 2014. It is already regarded by many to be the biggest, worldwide inspirational single of the decade.

Da Professor’s continuing mission is to express his compassion in a humanitarian effort that literally touches and changes lives.

He is also the co-owner and co-founder of Stop the Abuse Foundation: a philanthropic charity that actively works to make people aware that they can not only just stand by, but they can actually help to put an end to domestic violence. His dedication to the Foundation is unwavering.

Feel the vibe, and wave your hands in the air to show you love yourself!