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“Come On about taking action and making decisions based on what YOU want for your life, and not be influenced by people that may not have your best interests at heart. ” – Regan Lane @rlbarger

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW REGAN LANE
by Jacqueline Jax

Well, music used to define me. When I was younger, life as I knew it was only about me and what I could gain from others. I didn’t have a clue as to what was important. And once I had given everything away…My family, the job, the house, the car and had absolutely nothing because of my addictions I asked for help. And in 2001 I got sober and found out about a design for living that I use to this day. So my personal definition of success today is being an accountable, responsible and loving father, husband and friend and to be willing to take the time to put my hand out to help someone like I was helped. It’s weird…When I think more about helping others and less about myself; thinks seem to fall into place. But don’t get me wrong. Music is a part of who I am.It’s just not the only thing.

A look ahead..
My daughter graduates from high school…Wow! That went quick…lol.. And SA is releasing a single and video every couple months for a while. Until we change our minds… LOL.. And there is also a SA online magazine and children’s picture book in the works.
And we are looking for management …We have lots of outdoor festival shows this summer. And we may have some cool TV and Film licensing opportunities headed our way…We just want to continue to get better and remind people that they’re ok and not alone as we all keep looking for that thing that makes us feel… Strangely Alright.

Reaching People…
I feel like it’s tough to put any expectations on who you will reach or not reach with your songs. My belief system today is what is lost can be found, or recovered if you will, and that we’re not alone in our feelings and fears and that love is the answer. The question is how to express those concepts without being hokey or have people feel like they are being beat over the head with those ideas. One thing that being in a program of recovery has shown me the last few years is that how similar people are. So if I like a song we’ve created and the idea behind it there will probably be other folks that will dig it too. Who connects with what is up to the universe. (and maybe some good promotion…lol) I’ve learned that I just need to do the work as best I can. I’m at a place in my life where I have realized I’d like to be about the solution and not the problem. I guess I’d just like people to have a sliver of hope when they hear our songs and story that it might turn out okay for them too even if it’s not the way they imagined life would be.

Come On
has a lot of layers I guess…That sounds so ridiculously pretentious…lol…. I don’t know…Lyrics are kind of mystical to me.
It seems everyone seems to hear something different in the story, and that’s cool. For me it’s about taking action and making decisions based on what YOU want for your life, and not be influenced by people that may not have your best interests at heart. And about getting out and doing the work, trusting your heart and putting people around us that are like minded. The underlying message is the WE is stronger than the ME. We need each other. So COME ON!

I’m really into the craft of songwriting and recording right now…So I went through quite a few revisions on the chords and story till it felt right. Preston Darvill ( our drummer) and I recorded the basics at a studio called The Castle and then we brought those tracks into the studio we work at (The Hit Chamber) and everyone in SA laid down their parts…Then our producer Todd Ensminger and I turn into mad scientists and work with the parts and sounds until it’s right. At least to us…lol

I need to tell you about the Castle. It’s in Renton, WA and is owned by Howard Leese, the guitarist that was in Heart during their heyday. A very cool two story building that is a CASTLE! There are lots of amazing pictures of Heart and other great bands, gold records on the walls and old groovy equipment everywhere. We recorded the drums in this amazing room with a huge fireplace and high ceilings. It was great vibe to record in. I think Preston thought he was Dave Grohl for a second…lol The main engineer working on the project is a great guy and we and later we found out his wife had got suddenly sick and unexpectedly passed away. It was pretty shocking. It was another reminder of how quickly life goes by and how precious it is. We’re here and then we’re gone…Strangely Alright indie band

I love your dedication to promotion with your plan to release a new Music video every 2 months. Do you feel that an indie band really has to be active and engaged on social media with their fans?

Yes, I do. I feel it’s not only about the music but about who and what we are. Letting people in to the personal side of our lives, whatever that may be, gives the possibility to make connections. I guess I’m talking about being who you really are. I think expressing beliefs, gratitude; how we deal with the curveballs life throws us and our love for what’s important to each of us are a few things that come to mind. Good songs help too…lol…But I think that that goes without saying….In the end, it all starts and ends with a great song…Those other things are ways I believe we can connect as human beings… Look for the similarities and not the differences and you’ll be amazed!

Come On Women Umbrella Style White FontHow is your band doing things differently to offer your fans exclusive content?

We have some different things in the works. We will have a SA magazine coming out in the future and that will have wide ranging topics and columns that our fans will get first. Raymond Hayden and I co-host a show I created called Strangely Alright TV that folks can subscribe to on our YouTube Page.… We are on our 8th episode and we’ve had some great guests!! It’s about people, places and things that are a little left of center. Folks who took or are taking a path that is uniquely their own. And their successes may not be may not be of the monetary kind. We are finding that it’s that little thing deep inside all of us that makes them feel… Strangely Alright! And we have download cards for the new single “Come On” that we’ll give away with any swag bought at an SA show. And people are starting to collect the show posters we make so we may start offering those to folks. Ideas come and go. Some work and some don’t…lol

We live in the area around Seattle, WA. The music scene is really like any other. It’s always a bit more fragmented that people want to romanticize scenes to be. Don’t get me wrong…. There are great bands in every genre that play together and support each other when they can. Between studio, rehearsal and family responsibilities and obligations (which are truly my #1 priority) it’s tough to get out and see all the bands that I dig. It’s just where I’m at in my life…Ray (our keyboard player) gets out and networks a lot. There are some really cool clubs in both Seattle and Tacoma to play and see live music. Jazzbones, Louie G’s and The Swiss are all venues worth visiting in the south sound area and up north the Showbox, The Crocodile and The Tractor Tavern come to mind.

I love to taking my wife and two daughters to shows….LOL…We’ve seen Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Paul McCartney to name a few. I meet them halfway. Music is the great connector. It knocks down barriers of age, race gender and class. And we all get something out seeing shows together. And none of the girls like football, so a Seahawks game is DEFINETLY out…

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