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Grapefruit Lore on what made their success possible

“I think the need to be trendy when making music is ultimately unhealthy, but in some ways it’s hard to avoid.” @grapefruitlore Listen to the interview: GETTING TO KNOW GRAPEFRUIT LORE by Jacqueline Jax Success.. My definition of success is enjoying what you do to pay the bills. What’s Ahead… We’re working on some …


Southern California Indie Band Swirl

Success Is when you obtain the lofty goals you’ve set for yourself and are in a position one day to pay it forward. – Swirl @Swirltheband AVA LIVE RADIO on BlogTalkRadio Listen in now: GETTING TO KNOW BRIAN “BAM BAM JONES’ SWIRL By Jacqueline Jax- Host A.V.A Live Radio I got started in music… …