Sharon West For the Love of Songwriting

I always wanted to sing professionally but unsupportive relationships in my late teens meant that I lost a lot of confidence in my musical ability and shelved my singing dreams for a while. When I was 21, I was asked to audition for a band after a band member heard me singing karaoke on a night out. I got the job and went on to work with a number of bands on the cabaret circuit and then moved onto working with original bands in more recent years.


Popichil’O Turning Poetry Into Music

I began writing poetry at a young age which eventually progressed into writing actual songs as a way to express myself creatively. It became a necessary outlet in order for me to understand and process certain thoughts and emotions I was feeling or going threw at any given time in my life. The good, bad and the ugly. It became therapeutic in a sense. Music allowed me to lose myself and find myself at the same time.


Juakeen Anomaly Realizing a Sense of Self-empowerment

Juakeen Anomaly’s new release ‘Sea Foam’ is about the activities the song writer Joaquin Lozano encounters daily and how these help him to realize a sense of self-empowerment. Successful people plan on how to win, unsuccessful people plan on how not to lose. This advise that I received completely changed the way I think, not only about music but about how I live my life in general.


Pflames Hip Hop in Omaha

  My name is Pflames. AKA: Justin Powell I’m a musician, songwriter, producer and rapper from Omaha Nebraska. I’ve been involved in music in some way shape or form since I was 5 years old. Either playing guitar in locals bands or producing for artists through the states. I’ve been active.   Song name: Ambition Music Genre:: Hip Hop/Pop …


Kalvin Evans The Decision To Speak on Ted Talks That Changed His Life

My life has been filled with opportunities that have turned into wonderful adventures. Sometimes I count the cost and other times, I have this gut feeling that my life will be changed through this experience.   I want to be an inspiration for anyone who has been faced with a life changing decision. Life will always bring …


Fiona Ross Her Upcoming Tour and New Album

I write on my own, just me, my piano, pencil and paper. Once songs are completed, I rehearse with my musicians to finalize the arrangements and put everything together – then it’s into the studio to record. I do tend to change things in the studio too though, and although I am always very clear on what I want to achieve and I am very open to changing things last minute – I think it’s a jazz thing!